Cypress Pipeline and Process Services, LLC (“CPPS”) operates across the United States providing multiple services to the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industries. CPPS provides engineered solutions that are designed to establish and maintain the mechanical integrity and operating efficiency of hydrocarbon processing assets and transportation systems. CPPS supports customers throughout the life cycle of an asset; from the construction stage through to the operational phase and continuing to asset abandonment. Operating both onshore and offshore CPPS provides a diverse set of packaged solutions and services to improve productivity.

CPPS was formed by Cypress Environmental Holdings, LLC (“CEH”) to expand the breadth of pipeline inspection and integrity services offered to its clients. Recent acquisitions have moved CPPS into several new lines of work, including water treatment, in-line inspection, equipment rental and service, and offshore pipeline services. CPPS is on trajectory to become a major service provider to the upstream, midstream and downstream market place in North America.

CPPS consists of the following business units and operates out of facilities in Scott, Louisiana, Giddings, Texas, Odessa, Texas, Farmington, New Mexico and Salt Lake City, Utah with affiliate offices and facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Walnut Creek, California, Houston, Texas and Billings, North Dakota.

  • Cypress Pipeline Services
  • Cypress Process Services
  • Cypress Fluid Technologies
  • Cypress Cherokee Services (Equipment Rentals & Service)
  • Brown Integrity
  • Cypress In-Line Inspection